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NZ Sized PDM with PDM Studio: Revolutionizing Small Companies' Design Process

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Amidst the vast ocean of PDM tools available, finding the perfect fit for small companies can be a daunting task. Many require dedicated IT staff and hours of resources just to get data ready to import, not to mention the time to install and configure it. However, there's one tool that is making waves and proving to be a game-changer for small businesses – PDM Studio. Let's explore how PDM Studio is empowering small companies to unleash their creativity and streamline their design process like never before.

The Power of PDM Studio for Small Companies

PDM Studio isn't just another run-of-the-mill PDM; it's a powerhouse that caters specifically to the needs of small companies. From intuitive features to a user-friendly interface, PDM Studio is designed to provide small businesses with the tools they need to compete in today's competitive market. Let's dive into some of the key reasons why PDM Studio is a game-changer for small companies.

Many designers are getting to the point that they can no longer keep track of the amount of data they are creating, but also can’t find a simple solution to their problems!

These are the main data management issues that users are facing today. Are you?

1. File Duplication

This is a common issue on a file managed system, as users copy files around, maybe because they want their own version to try some design changes on, for another project or for any number of reasons. This makes it really hard to know which version of a file is the one that should be used?

2. Revision control with accountability

Many users don’t worry about version control and can cause the file duplication described above. Maybe you just take a copy and edit the new file and the latest “release” is the newest file, but this can become complicated if someone opens an earlier version and saves it. If you are good, then you will maintain the file properties for revision and it is then clear which is the latest version. Does this go far enough though? Is there any record of why a file was changed and by who? This may be good knowledge to have a few years down the line when the person who made the changes has left the company!

3. Linking files

This is a continuation of the point on recording changes on revisions. The reason behind a change may be more complex than just a one-line explanation. There may be reports (field data, FEA, markups) that cover the reason for the change, but how do you ensure that this information is linked to the design so that it is obvious when you look at the file, you see that there is other information associated with it? Also, inherent with all CAD design, there will be links between part, assemblies and draft files that need to be maintained.

4. Data conversion

Many companies will often create pdf’s, dxf’s or Parasolid files at the completion of a project. This is usually a manual process and at the start, this is easy, if not time-consuming. It does get a little more complicated when a quick change is asked for and a file is updated and the user forgets to update the pdf, etc and can lead to costly mistakes.

5. Searching for files

Finding files that you need can be a very hit/miss and time-consuming task. Typically, this will be done on the file name. If you have your files indexed by windows, you can also search some of the other properties. This can take a while if you have a lot of files as it will need to inspect every file and may also raise issues with file duplication, misspelling, etc.

The Solution

If you are finding that you are experiencing any of these types of issues, then a PDM solution may be worth a look.

CAD Central are now offering PDM Studio as a solution, which fits well with smaller companies.

Getting Started

Unlike the bigger PDM/PLM solutions, the set up of PDM Studio is relatively easy and you do not need to spend weeks or months ensuring your data is perfect before it gets imported, which is often a reason a PDM implementation fails.

Storing information

PDM Studio has the added advantage that if you have the occasional file that has a custom property that has not been configured for in PDM studio, it creates a place for it on the fly. All property data is stored in a database and a user can search for part or all of a string in one or more of the property fields.

Ease of use

PDM Studio has a good interface that can be easily configured/layed out by any user. A PDM Studio tab will also be added to your CAD system to streamline a lot of the work.

Standard user interface video -

1. File duplication

PDM Studio has the ability to configure the display so that you can set up projects and folders, similar to what you have in windows, so it will feel quite similar to what you are used to. You can copy any file into a PDM Studio folder, but what you copy is a link to the one and only copy, thus avoiding the issue of file duplication.

Creating projects and folders –

2. Revisions

PDM Studio documents all past document states. Earlier versions can be accessed at any time, including their life cycle phase and any existing comments. For example, it is possible to quickly and conveniently determine the condition in which a component was installed at a particular point in time. The mapping of comprehensible and consistent revision history is particularly important for professional quality management. PDM Studio provides wizards for this purpose and enables selective revision even within complex structures. When a document (part and draft) is released, the 2D file can still be edited by keeping the revision the same but creating a new version, thus allowing the draft file to be updated by adding new dimensions, section views or any other extra detail that needs to be added. This way, the part and draft revision stays the same!

3. Linking files

Each CAD document may include additional information such as supplier specifications, manuals, images or emails. PDM Studio allows you to link all related documents together. All relevant information can be viewed at a glance. Furthermore, 2D drawings are linked to the part part/assembly for easy management.

Saving files from Solid Edge into PDM Studio -

Batch uploading files into PDM Studio -

4. Data conversion/Automation

PDM studio has a very simple interface for setting up automation of data conversion file creation with a plug and play toolset to easily set up your own customisations. Once set, you can then forget about having to do this manually as the process will kick off in the background when you release a file, or you can manually kick off the process at a point in time of your own choosing. This can also be configured to link the pdf, etc back to the creating document and it is also output to a defined windows location (with an option to delete previous copies) to easily send off to outside sources.

5. Searching for files

The PDM Studio search feature is a powerful tool that ensures that components are found easily. User-friendly filter functions, including preview for visualisation, allows users to perform a quick search, finding parts using metadata, categories and classification.

6. Assembly flexibility

Different users of a PDM will need to view different versions of an assembly, whereby a designed will need to view the parts that are still in development and a salesman or production engineer need only see the latest released files.

Assemblies can be opened with a number of rules:

1. With original links

2. With latest released links

3. With latest revisions

This gives a lot of flexibility in showing the assembly in different stages of design.

Muli-CAD capabilities

PDM studio has a plug-in for the main CAD programs, Solid Edge, NX, Solidworks and Inventor.

The Power of Collaboration with PDM Studio

Collaboration is key to any successful design project, and PDM Studio excels in this aspect. With real-time collaboration features, team members can work together on projects and this level of flexibility and efficiency allows small companies to streamline their design workflow and bring projects to completion faster than ever before.

One of the standout features of PDM Studio is its user-friendly interface. Unlike complex PDM tools that can be overwhelming for beginners, PDM Studio offers a simple and intuitive platform that makes designing a breeze, especially with the integrated toolbars that are loaded into your design tools.

Budget constraints often pose a challenge for small companies looking to invest in design tools. PDM Studio addresses this issue by offering a cost-effective solution that delivers high-quality results. Small businesses can access a wide range of PDM features and functionalities without breaking the bank, making PDM Studio an attractive choice for companies looking to maximize their resources.

As small companies grow and evolve, their design needs also change. PDM Studio recognizes this and offers scalability and customization options to accommodate varying requirements. Whether a company is just starting out or expanding its design capabilities, PDM Studio can adapt to meet the changing needs of small businesses, ensuring flexibility and long-term usability.

Elevate Your Design Process with PDM Studio

In conclusion, PDM Studio is a game-changer for small companies looking to elevate their design process and unleash their creativity. With its seamless collaboration features, user-friendly interface, cost-effective solution, and scalability options, PDM Studio empowers small businesses to compete in today's design-centric market. Say goodbye to design limitations and hello to endless possibilities with PDM Studio by your side.

So, if you're a small company ready to revolutionize your design process and unlock your creative potential, look no further than PDM Studio. Embrace the power of innovation and take your design endeavors to new heights with this cutting-edge tool.

For example, PDM Studio was implemented at an NX customer in Canada in less than 3 weeks, which included:

- Installing the software

- Customizing PDM Studio

- Training of the users

All of this was done remotely!

You can download a brochure from here –

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